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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Classic Wet Flies

The Ongoing Wet Fly Collection

The page is an ongoing collection of wet flies -- both classic and not-so-classic, but all tied in the same manner and style as the old-school patterns out there. 

Candy Cane

mascot classic wet fly pattern ray bergman
The Mascot

dr burke classic wet fly pattern ray bergman
Dr. Burke

purple turtle classic wet fly pattern ray bergman
Purple Turtle

Ferguson classic wet fly pattern ray bergman

Greenwell's glory classic wet fly pattern ray bergman
Greenwell's Glory

hare's ear classic wet fly pattern ray bergman
Hare's Ear Wet Fly


  1. The Mascot is very very close to being a Leadwing Coachman.

    1. Yeah, pretty close patterns actually. Maybe the leadwing should be on the short list for the next pattern up here...

  2. try a teal ,blue and silver ............. golden pheasant tippet, Mylar or Tinsel gold and silver ( sliver side to rap on the hook) a teal blue or silver doctor blue or even a peacock blue cock or hen( hen preferred) and lastly what i use is a Black and white laced hen ( cickabou) dyed kind fisher blue hen hackle and the wing is teal flank or teal body feather.

  3. How's about some reportage on fishing these patterns? My spring plans include testing different winged wets and soft hackle patterns to determine effectiveness. Sure there's plenty of guidance in Bergman's "Trout", but my how our waters have changed in the 75 years since the first edition was printed. If you dudes end up fishing them and find certain patterns or characteristics that are more effective than others please share.