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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bruiser Blend Dubbing

a new generation of streamer dubbing

Brown Olive Bruiser Blend.  Fly "coming soon"

Barf Brown Bruiser Blend

Brown Olive Bruiser Blend
I'm always on the lookout for new tying materials, and I have been known to make up my own when there isn't anything on the market that quite fits the bill.  I have about 5 bazillion different blends of dubbing that I have tried to implement in one fashion or another, and this year, I have been on the warpath in creating a dubbing that can be used for many purposes.  I started using Senyo's laser dub about a year ago, and was amazed with the versatility of the material and some of the applications that I came up with.  That being said, there were many times when I wished that it was a bit more fine, and longer in length.  I searched high and low, and have been able to find the perfect material to make this blend of dubbing.  I went through several blends of fibers before I settled on what is now called "Bruiser Blend."  We have been testing it with great results, and we have made our initial offering of colors available at  Check out the link to see the colors available.  Several more colors are on the way too!

~ Cheech


  1. I"ll get two of each color to start. Will you offer it in bulk? I buy ice dub and arizona dubbing in bulk, the only way to guy when you are tying dozen upon dozen of articulated streamers. wish i could get senyo in half pound bags haha.

    1. we probably won't be offering it in bulk. We might do something like a mega-pack, but right now we are just barely keeping our heads above water.


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