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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ice Hare's Ear

A simple spin on a classic

The Hare's Ear is one of those flies that most people have fished and tied.  Part of the charm of a Hare's Ear is that they are super effective even though they are pretty messy and buggy.  I have been tying Hare's Ears in different variations for many years, and this version has been pretty good to me due to how effective Ice Dub is.  Ice Dub has just the right amount of flash, UV sparkle, and black magic to make fish for miles crave it...  This pattern can be tied in many different sizes and colors just like the original Hare's Ear pattern.  There really isn't too much more to write about this pattern because it's so simple...  Check out the video below.

~ Cheech



Hook: Daiichi 1260 #14 (+)
Bead: 2.8mm tungsten - Black Nickel (+)
Weight: Lead free wire - .015 (+)
Thread: Danville 70 - Black (+)
Tail: Pheasant tail fibers - Black (+)
Rib: Dyed pearl flashabou - Black (+)
Counter rib: Mono Thread (+)
Thorax and Abdomen: Ice Dub - UV Black (+)
Wing Case: Fino Skin - Black (+)
Resin - Loon Fluorescing (+)

Olive Brown

Hook: Daiichi 1260 #14 (+)
Bead: 2.8mm tungsten - Black Nickel (+)
Weight: Lead free wire - .015 (+)
Thread: Danville 70 - Black (+)
Tail: Pheasant tail fibers - Natural (+)
Rib: Dyed pearl flashabou - Black (+)
Counter rib: Mono Thread (+)
Thorax and Abdomen: Ice Dub - Olive Brown (+)
Wing Case: Fino Skin - Black (+)
Resin - Loon Fluorescing (+)


  1. Do you find that the black variation works well?

  2. a hare-less hares ear. might as well be called the bald flashback nymph

    1. Correct. We almost called it the flugen-schneidermeyer, but we just called it the Ice Hare's Ear instead for ease of comparison to other similar patterns.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. How do these relate to the aerobaetis and others? I've often wondered what the big difference was between the Hare's Ear and the Pheasant tail as well. Are they imitating the same bugs or different ones? What logic is used to choose or is it just trial and error? I've personally caught way more fish on the Pheasant tail than Hare's Ear but maybe I'm doing things wrong.