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Fly Tying Tutorials

Fly Tying Tutorials


If you're new to tying, these are great tutorials, but if you want to start at a more simple level, we recommend going through the courses mentioned above. And the kits are a great way to get into tying with a super-focused list of materials and tools, with beginner videos to learn. In the meantime, get all the materials for these flies by going to our online shop here.

What do you want to tie?

Dry Flies


  1. I recently watched one of your videos in which you used a Sally Hansen product called Diamond something (at my age I forget which side of the bed I sleep on). I went to purchase it yesterday and found several Sally Hansen products with the name “Diamond” in them. Can you tell me the full name of the product and in which video did you use it? Help!
    Also, do you have the exact color name of the “marigold” color of the fine tip Sharpie you use on the Project Hopper? Help again!
    I love watching your videos and tying your patterns because they are fun, challenging, and I always learn something new. But, most importantly of all, they catch fish! I still have several “saved” patterns from when Curtis used to do the Fly of the Week for the SL Tribune. You two teaming up is the best thing that has happened for a lot of us. Keep up your great work.

    Rick Arambula

    1. I think I was using Sally Hansen's Diamond Hard. Basically the same stuff as regular Sally Hansen's clear polish. The bottle I have is in a gray bottle. This being said, we now have a head cement called "hard as hull" that works really well.

  2. Replies
    1. Click the "Tool and Material Kits" button above and it will show you the options.

  3. I am new to your website and visited the store yesterday. I live in Utah and fish the Provo regularly. I have read several of your articles and really enjoyed them. Your videos of how to tie are great. Your website shows flies used for many types of fish. Is it possible to get a list of your top 10 favorite flies and colors for the Provo. Thus I can focus on those and purchase the needed supplies?

    1. Good suggestion. We might put something like that together. You can always stop in the retail shop and get set up as well.