Alpha Predator

Large Profile Baitfish

My favorite color combo: Purple and White

Early last year I had some buddies that wanted some flies specifically for musky fishing, and I just happened to have one of those "itches" to tie big flies.  I wanted to try something that was 100% synthetic to maximize durability and color ranges the fly could be tied in.  The original Alpha Predator was tied very similar to this one, but it was done on a 5/0 Trokar hook.  I had it with me one day when we were fishing for bass, so I decided to give it a swim just to check out its action etc.  Long story short the bass wouldn't leave it alone that day, and I knew I had a winner.  It has since been to many destinations (both salt and fresh water) and it doesn't fail to attract fish.  I really think the all-star of this pattern is the flash-n-slinky fibers.  They have surprising movement in the water for being synthetic fibers, and they are extremely durable.  If I'm tying a fly with long fibers I usually pick flash-n-slinky or Steve Farrar UV blend .  One modification I make to this fly is I'll add a collar of bucktail right behind the bruiser blend if I'm tying in 4/0 or larger.  

~ Cheech


Hook: Daiichi 2546 #1/0 (BUY HERE)
Thread: Uni 6/0 - white (BUY HERE)
Body1: Flash n' Slinky - purple and anchovy (BUY HERE)
Body2: Holographic flashabou - purple and black (BUY HERE)
Collar: Palmer chenille - pearl (BUY HERE)
Head: Bruiser Blend - purple and cream (BUY HERE)
Eyes: Fish Skull Living Eyes 8mm - ice (BUY HERE)
Coating: Loon UV clear fly finish - thick and flow (BUY HERE)

Wasatch fur comb for Bruiser Blend (BUY HERE)