Purple Haze

Purple is the new gray

The Parachute Adams is arguable the most effective dry fly on the planet.  It can be used as a larger attractor/terrestrial pattern in larger sizes all the way down to mayflies and midges.  Yes.  It catches fish, but why let it go down as perhaps the most effective dry fly on the planet?  Andy Carlson decided to morph the Parachute Adams into a very productive trout fly by simply changing the body color to purple.  We know that the Purple Haze really isn't anything new in the trout world, but we wanted to show a slightly modified biot version, and we also wanted to show some super secret ninja tips on tying off the parachute and blending the tail fibers together.  After tying this bug I couldn't keep from wondering how this bug would fish in other crazy colors like chartreuse, red, orange, and yellow.  Time to hit the vise.

~ Cheech

Learn about biots HERE.

Hook: Daiichi 1180 #10 - #18 (BUY HERE)
Thread: MFC 8/0 - Gray or purple (BUY HERE)
Tail: Hackle fibers - Grizzly and coachman brown (BUY HERE)
Body: Turkey biot - Purple  (Hareline biots are bright, and Nature's Spirit are darker)
Parachute post: Hareline para-post material - white (BUY HERE)
Thorax: Ice dub - UV purple (BUY HERE)
Hackle: Whiting Grizzly and coachman brown (BUY HERE)

Tools and other items used:
Curtis' Cat fibers - not for sale.