Parachute Hopper Variation

Parachute Hopper Variation
One of my first times ever fishing larger terrestrials for hungry trout involved small pocket water, a 3
weight, and a parachute hopper.  Instead of crashing my fly down really hard into the pools, I'd place a cast about where it should go, and the bushy parachute would gently land in it's place only to be violently slashed off of the surface.  The parachute hopper became a confidence fly for me that day, and I think it fishes completely differently from a foam fly due to how softly it lands on the water.  I remember going home and attempting to tie some, but I quickly realized that the turkey wing, the calf body hair post,  and the knotted pheasant tail fibers were pretty hard to pull off correctly.  Not only that, but after a fish or two all your hard work would be shredded by a fish.  Because of those issues, I took a long break from tying them.  Just recently I have started fishing some water that I thought would benefit from a softer landing pattern, so I started tinkering with some new materials.  Let's just say that the fish really like this new version too.

This pattern is a variation of the good old classic, and I have made some changes based on material availability and durability.  First, the body is tied out of a deer hair dubbing to add more buoyancy to the fly.  Second, (and I think most important) the wing and legs are treated with Loon Soft Head, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite adhesives for tying due to it's durability. Third, I changed out the calf body hair for EP Trigger Point Fibers because of how hard it is to get good calf body hair these days, and how awesome the EP stuff is.

Some notes on materials...  For the wing, I used a treated grouse feather in the video, and you can use partridge, pheasant, etc etc...  The classic uses turkey, so that's what we listed in the recipe.  For hackle, we used a Whiting High and Dry grizzly dyed golden straw, but any grizzly or hopperish looking color will work.  Also, you can buy pre-knotted legs from us so you say fewer bad words in front of your kids. Hopper Legs

One final thing...  You will have best results if you fish this with 2x or 3x tippet, if you fish it with light tippet, you will get it all twisted up.

~ Cheech

Material List
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Hook: Daiichi 1260 Bead-Head Specialty Hook - 8
Thread: 8/0 UNI-Thread Waxed Midge - Gray
Tail: Nature's Spirit Strung Schlappen - Dyed Over Bleach, Red
Body: Deer Hair Dubbing - Natural
Wing: Ozark Oak Mottled Turkey Tail - Select Pair
Legs: Nature's Spirit Ringneck Pheasant Center Tails - Yellow
Thorax: Nature's Spirit Snowshoe Rabbit Foot Dubbing - Muskrat Gray
Post: EP Trigger Point Int'l Fibers - Pale Morning Dun
Hackle: Whiting High & Dry Cape - Grizzly Dyed Golden Straw     
Adhesive: Loon Soft Head - Clear     

Other tools from the tutorial:

Stonfo Elite Rotodubbing twister
Tiemco Tying Brush