Go For Gold - Articulated Trout Slider

Original, Just Smaller

One day in the fly shop I was playing show and tell with a customer, and I was showing him a box of sliders that I was going to take to Argentina.  His comment was "Where are all the Cheech Leeches.."  I really didn't have a good answer for him, because it's an awesome fly to fish, but I had to let him in on my secret that the gold Articulated Trout Slider is, and has been my best streamer since it came off my vise.  Another reason I had chosen to go slider heavy is because I can tie them about twice as quickly as I can tie a Cheech Leech. Yes, with the deer hair head and everything.  

Even though I typically don't fish articulated flies much in lakes, the gold slider has found its way
Kilo and a HOG
onto my line quite a bit when fishing lakes.  It's violent side to side action and undulating body make it impossible for a predator to resist.  Josh (Kilo J) and I were on the lake today and he absolutely put on a clinic on how to fish a slider in a lake by implementing a jerk-strip presentation followed by a pause.  Many times they would crush it on the strip, and others they would eat it as it was paused and turned to the side so as to "look the fish in the eye."  By the way, if you can find a fly that turns completely around to face whatever is following it when you pause...  FISH THAT FLY.  Kilo caught lots of cutts on the slider, and a few HOGS.

We have a few different slider videos, and this pattern is a mix between the original color of THIS video, but follows the sizing and sequence of tying of the video below.  I also posted a 

One final note...  THE DEER HAIR ISN'T THAT HARD...  Sorry for the all caps, but this one is definitely worth trying, and it's a great pattern to hone and practice your deer hair skills.  Scroll all the way down to see the new recipe.

Gold Slider Material List
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Hook: Fulling Mill 36040 Streamer Stripper - 2
Hook: Daiichi 2461 - Long Shank Streamer Hook - 4
Thread: UTC Ultrathread 140 Denier - White
Thread: Veevus GSP - White - 200 Denier
Eyes: BallZeyes - Red - Large (3/16" / 5 mm)
Tail: Fish Hunter Premium Strung Marabou - Sculpin Tan (UV)
Tail: Fish Hunter Premium Strung Marabou - Fl. White (UV)
Body: Ice Dub - Gold
Head: Wapsi Premo Deer Hair Strips - Tan
Head: Wapsi Premo Deer Hair Strips - Bleached
Connection: Senyo Intruder Trailer Hook Wire - Black - Regular
Bead: 3D Articulation Beads - Gold
Beard: Bruiser Blend Junior Dubbing - Butter Belly

Other tools from the tutorial:
Double Edge Razor Blades
Stonfo Comb/Brush Tool
Fly Tyer's Z-Ment
Peak Hex Hair Stacker - Magnum
Loon Razor Scissors - 5"
C&F Design Tying Comb