Tubular Hopper

A Very Simple But Effective Hopper

Several years ago while preparing to participate in a Green River single fly event I was introduced to a popular Rio Verde guide pattern called a Tootsie Roll.  My friends at Spinner Fall Guide Service, Scott Barrus, and Charlie Card, convinced me that the way to do well in that event was to fish a dry fly, particularly the Tootsie Roll.  The Tubular Hopper is a variation of the Tootsie Roll and has been producing well for me whenever fish are on smallish hoppers. Like most flies I fish, this is a fairly simple pattern, and for a hopper, is a relatively fast tie.  With it’s Tubular foam body and trigger point wing it is a buoyant pattern that fishes well on its own or with a dropper. Add the magic of coachman brown hackle and some legs and you can’t miss (though I hope you get many opportunities to miss fish) with this little hopper pattern. 

~ Lance

Also, if you are interested in floating the Green River with some really fishy guys, check out the Spinner Fall guys at www.flyfishgreenriver.com.

Material List
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Hook: Gamakatsu R18-B Multi-Purpose Hook - 10
Thread: MFC Premium Fly Tying Thread - Light Brown - 6/0
Legs: UNI Flexx - Camel
Body: Foam Cylinders - Tan - 3/16"
Wing: EP Trigger Point Int'l Fibers - Caddis Western Gray
***YOU ALSO NEED HACKLE FOR THIS!!*** Check out FLASH HACKLE selection to check availability.  You need a coachman brown or grizzly dyed coachman brown in size 10-12 for this.

Other tools from the tutorial:
Renzetti Master Vise