Weinermobile Hopper

Hold the Ketchup Please

If you have followed this site for a while you will know that I'm always tinkering with things to either be creative, or to try to make something better, more durable, more buoyant, etc. etc.  I have been intrigued by cylindrical flies for a while since I started fishing the bionic ant a few years back.  Not only was I messing around with tubular bodies, I was also dead set on finding the best way to glue foam sheets together (specifically for bionic ant indicators.)  We have a bonus post this time to not only show you the very best way to glue foam sheets together, but we have created a very simple and cool pattern that caught many fish before it got a name.  It was tested on some very fussy fish that like their foam bugs completely free of drag, and floating high.  This fly not only was a very high floater, but it would skate when I mended it (instead of getting pulled under the surface).  I realized that the unique shape of the body and head (both slightly pointing upward) was the key to making it skate.  After an Instagram post of a chewed up hopper, we go the perfect name suggestion from a gentleman named Brian Feeney.  The Weinermobile Hopper...

Happy Tying!


  1. You will need Coachman Brown Hackle for this fly.  Since we sell hackle by the individual piece, check out this link to browse our current selection of COACHMAN BROWN HACKLE.  For this size 10, you can use size 10-12 hackle.
  2. If you choose not to get the foam cuters, you can tie these with Wapsi foam cylinders in size 3/16"  FOUND HERE.

Material List
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Hook: TMC 5262 Nymph & Streamer Hook - 10
Thread : Danville Flat Waxed Nylon Thread - 140 Denier - Brown
Body: Fly Foam Blocks - Brown
Body: Fly Tying Foam - 3mm - Orange
Post: EP Trigger Point Int'l Fibers - White
Legs: Life-Flex Spandex Material - Brown
Dubbing: Bruiser Blend Junior Dubbing - Sasquatch Brown
Cutter: Gunville Foam Booby & Body Cutter Set