Articulated Bruiser Bugger - Simple Articulated Streamer

Simple, Fishy, Goodness

I think we all like the flash of a big trout after it engulfs a big articulated streamer, but we don't always love tying those big time hogging bugs.  This fly is designed to be a fly that is pretty simple to tie, and they can be tied in a wide range of colors and sizes.  Also, be sure to check out it's little brother, the Bruiser Bugger.

Material List
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Hook: Fulling Mill 36040 Streamer Stripper - 2
Hook: Daiichi 2461 - Long Shank Streamer Hook - 4
Thread: Danville Flat Waxed Nylon Thread - 140 Denier - Yellow
Bead: 3D Articulation Beads - Gold
Eyes: Double Pupil Lead Eyes - Large - Yellow w/ White & Black
Connection: Senyo Intruder Trailer Hook Wire - Black - Regular
Tail: Fish Hunter Premium Strung Marabou - Lemon Yellow
Legs: Grizzly Flutter Legs - Black Barred Hot Yellow
Body: Ice Dub - Gold
Hackle: Whiting American Rooster Saddle - Grizzly Dyed Yellow
Head: Bruiser Blend Dubbing - Canary