Jiggy Fat Minnow

The Baby Fat Minnow Gains Weight

If you haven't see the Baby Fat Minnow or the Low Fat Minnow, you should check them out!  They have been absolute killers for us on lakes, and on rivers that require a lighter weight streamer pattern.  A few weeks back Lance suggested a baby fat minnow style fly on a jig hook, so I started tweaking it.  It's a really basic change to the fly, but there are some subtle techniques to get it to turn out correctly behind the bead.  Check out the video for a full tying lesson, and watch Lance and Curtis sneak one from my box while I was out of town to go give it a fish...


Material List
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Hook: Hanak H 480 BL Jig Hook - 6
Thread: 6/0 UNI-Thread Waxed - White
Bead: Hareline Slotted Tungsten Beads - Silver - 3/16" (4.6mm)
Tail: Whiting Mini Bird Fur - White
Body: Ripple Ice Dub - Mother of Pearl
Head 1: Bruiser Blend Junior Dubbing - Gray Holo
Head 2: Bruiser Blend Junior Dubbing - Cream
Eyes: 3D Holographic Eyes - Super Pearl - 1/8"
Resin 1: Solarez UV Cure Resin - Bone Dry .5 Oz
Resin 2: Loon UV Clear Fly Finish - Thick (1/2 oz)
Marker: Chartpak Fly Tying Markers - Sepia (Med. Brown)
Marker : Chartpak Fly Tying Markers - Goldenrod
Alternate Tail: Whiting Bird Fur - White