Casey's Calf Body Parachute

Curtis/Casey - March, 2018

Wf you're familiar with Calf body hair, you know that it can sometimes be squirrelly to work with. It's a fairly slick material and can be tough to get the thread to "bite". Plus, if you don't start off with a good patch of hair, the issues start to stack up from there.

In this tutorial from our buddy Casey Thompson, he'll show you some tricks to getting a clean calf body hair post coupled with our favorite way to tie in a parachute.

Note that in this tutorial, while Casey uses a silver badger hackle, we tend to recommend a more readily available color, such as the superb light tan dun, as listed below.

Anyway, this is a great pattern to practice your parachute technique as well as the use of calf body. Give it a go!

Material List:
Hook: Hanak H 130 BL Dry Fly Hook - 12
Thread: Veevus GSP - White - 30 Denier
Tail: Whiting Coq De Leon Tailing Packs - Medium Pardo
Body: Beaver Plus Dubbing - Light Brown
Ribbing: Flashabou - Original - 6905 - Pearl
Post: Calf Body Hair - White
Hackle: Whiting Hebert Miner Hackle Cape - Bronze - Light Tan Dun