Fly Tying Hook & Bead Organization

Keeping your hooks and beads organized can be a pretty big pain in the butt, but it doesn't have to be. When I first started storing them in containers other than what they were sold in, I would have to have a container for every size and color of bead, which would make for a LOT of containers and a LOT of wasted space. Check out this video for a very simple organization hack!

NOTE: since the original filming of this video, the Hook/Bowl caddy from Hareline has been discontinued. Any bowl shaped containers do the trick for this, so find something similar and organize away!

Pop Top Stash Box Organizer
Pop Top Stash Box Organizer

Pop Top Stash Box Organizer


Fly tying can definitely get messy. This box will allow you to organize spools of thread and wire, beads, hooks, and most other things small enough to throw at it. Trust us, being organized helps you tie more flies. 43 pop tops in total.

Capsule Size: 1" Diameter x 1-1/2" Height

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