Our Shop Manager Lance Egan has had a passion for fly-fishing for more than 27 years and has made a career of fly-fishing. Having worked for an all tackle store, 2 independent fly shops, and 12 years with Cabela's, he has worked with thousands of anglers and aided each in learning more about the fish they intend to catch, along with teaching them the benefits and advantages of various types of tackle and rigging. All the while, Lance has been a student of the sport and continues to learn about the intricacies of fishing. In addition to his fly shop duties he is a part-time fly-fishing guide and instructor, a Signature Fly Designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants, and, Lance, along with Devin Olsen, and Gilbert Rowley created instructional fly-fishing videos available as digital downloads from or as DVD’s (Modern Nymphing, Modern Nymphing Elevated, and Adaptive Fly Fishing). Lance lives in Lehi, Utah, with his wife, Autumn, their two children, and a beloved Bengal Cat named Cosmo. Instagram (@cosmothebengal)

Lance is a 3-time National Fly-Fishing Champion, 2-time ESPN Great Outdoor Games Fly-Fishing Champion, Fly-Fishing Masters Champion, Teva Mountain Games Fly-Fishing Champion, 3-time Utah Single Fly Champion and a current member of Fly-Fishing Team USA. With Team USA, Lance has represented America 13 times at the World Fly-Fishing Championships and is a 3-time World Fly-Fishing Championships medalist (1 Team Silver, 1 Team bronze, and 1 individual bronze).

Lance is a pro staff member of Scientific Anglers, Hyde Drift Boats, Flycraft USA, Tacky Fly Fishing, Fly Rod Chronicles TV, and often works with various fly-fishing companies to help design rods, lines, waders, boots etc.

Social media channels for Lance include Facebook (Lance Egan), and Instagram (@lanceeganflyfishing).