Fly Patterns for Stillwaters
Chironomid Pupa & Larva Tying Secrets
Material Listing

This is the original list from Phil.  The products listed below are the closest alternates.  Also, due to supply chain issues and high demand, some of the products may momentarily be out of stock.  We order weekly, so make sure to check back with the site often.  Currently we don't sell anti-static bag material, but it will be on the way in the coming weeks.

  • Daiichi 1760 (or equivalent) #14
  • Alec Jackson Crystal Covert Nymph #11 or Daiichi 1760 #12, or equivalent
  • Daiichi 1530 #12
  • Daiichi 1120 #10
  • Daiichi 1120 #12
  • Substitute with TMC 2488, 2499 SP-BL, or 200R
  • Red 8/0 Textreme or Uni
  • Brown 8/0 Textreme or Uni
  • Olive UTC 70
  • Black 8/0 Textreme or Uni
  • Sub any of these with  uni-thread or utc
  • Ultrawire XS Silver
  • Ultrawire Small Gold
  • Ultrawire XS Gold
  • Ultrawire Small Red
  • Holographic Mylar Small Red (Holographic Flashabou #6996 will also work)
  • Holographic Mylar Small Wine (Cranberry Holographic Flashabou #6942 will also work)
Body Materials:
  • XWaters Buzzer Wrap Fluro Red or Frostbite
  • Holographic Gold Mylar Medium (Holographic Flashabou #6992 will also work)
  • Copper Flashabou #6906
  • V-Rib, Brown Midge or body glass
  • Perdigon/Buzzer Quill Anti-Static Grey .75MM (Canadian Llama) 
  • Strech Flex 1/8” Dark Red Brown or scud back
  • Scud Back 1/8” Red
  • Mirage Opal Mylar-Small
  • Mirage Opal Mylar-Medium
  • Substitute Perdigon/Buzzer Quill Anti-Static Grey .75MM (Canadian Llama) with anti-static bag, flashabou gunmetal #6916 or flashabou silver #6901
Beads (All Brass):
  • 7/64” (3.0 MM) Fl. Orange
  • 7/64” (3.0 MM) White
  • 3/32” (2.7) Black Nickel
Other Materials:
  • Natural Pheasant Tail
  • Uni Floss, white or Glo Brite Floss
  • Uni Stretch, White
  • Superfloss or Sexi Floss, Red or spanflex or life flex
  • Superfloss or Sexi Floss, Burnt Orange or Fl. Orange or spanflex or life flex
  • Fl. Pink Marabou
  • Peacock Herl
Cements and Coatings:
  • UV Resin, Solarez Bone Dry or equivalent
  • Brushable Superglue