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Now, Two Mega Fly Shops to Serve You:

Fly Fish Food Orem
932 N. State St
Orem, UT 84057
M-Sat: 10am to 6pm

and our newest location
Fly Fish Food Jimmy's
275 A. St
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
M-Sat: 9am to 6pm

The Fly Shop that Almost Wasn't

"Maybe we should start a blog."

Fly Fish Food has one of the most comprehensive fly tying material selections in the country, but it came from much humbler means.  Curtis and Cheech have been fishing buddies since the early 2000's and would spend long drives to great fishing locations talking about "you know what would be cool" types of scenarios.  They never could have imagined opening the shop as it is and pretty much becoming shop rats as a career... Well, they definitely could imagine it, but it would have been a tough sell for their wives.  Curtis was well known in fly tying circles in Utah because he wrote an instructional weekly column for the Salt Lake Tribune that featured fly tying and pointed people to an accompanying YouTube channel.  Cheech was an innovator for Rainy's flies, and had around 50 signature patterns in their catalog.  Through a fairly informal conversation one night, a thought came up. "Maybe we should start a blog." 

The blog was launched in 2012, which led to more videos, which led to creating demand for fly tying materials.  They pooled together about $300 (which means Curtis just fronted the money) for a small Hareline order and spent the next 4 years slowly building Disneyland for fly tyers.  From Curtis' basement, to his garage, to a cramped shop in 2016 that had 1,100 total square feet, the process continued slowly but surely.  

In 2018 the mother ship was opened and Fly Fish Food finally got the space needed to really spread it's wings and grow into a real fly shop. The current shop has 5,500 sq ft. which features about 60% of it's space for fly tying materials.  From the rod wall with over 125 rods to choose from, to a reel display that allows you to touch and feel each reel, the shop has blossomed into a full service shop that has everything you need (and much more).  None of this could have been possible without our staff, who do everything from help you pick out your flies for an adventure, to pick and pack your orders quickly and accurately.  We are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to share our passion of fly fishing and fly tying.