Bullet Heads For Bugginess

Break away from foam every once in a while

Buggy and natural colors

A few summers back I was fishing one of my favorite little streams with eager cutthroat and brookies, when I realized that my typical offerings were not producing as well as they should.  I typically fish big gnarly foam bugs (like this) due to their durability and their ability to float through the riffles between the pocket water.  The issue with foam flies is there typically aren't as many moving parts as a more natural fly.  I soon tied on a little bullet head stimulator variation made with moose, elk, and scraggly dubbing, and I was back into the fish.  This taught me a valuable lesson to either fish buggy natural flies more, or to add more buggy elements to my cookie-cutter foam flies.

~ Cheech

Mostly natural components 

This fly is more a concept than anything, but it DOES catch fish.  Nothing super groundbreaking here.


Hook: TMC 2312 (or any 2X long dry fly hook like a Gammy S10)
Thread: 6/0 uni. (it's perfect for cinching down hair)
Tail: Moose
Body: Scraggly dubbing.  I used Arizona Synthetic on this one... shocker.
Hackle: Color to match fly.
Head: Elk or deer.  The more you tie in, the bulkier the head.
Legs: whatever you like.  I'm on a sili legs kick right now.

VERY IMPORTANT!  Bullet heads should have a disclaimer that says "Contents under pressure!"  One tiny  prick of a trout tooth will cause the head to make a tiny deer hair explosion.  I always coat the head with a generous coat of Sally Hansens varnish to add durability.