Honey Badger Cares

The Newest Fly Meme

So I've been messing around with some different combinations of materials and amounts on streamer bodies in order to get some different movement and bulk proportions. Just mostly dinking around. Because I'll defer to Cheech as the undisputed streamer guru in this outfit, I honestly haven't fished many other streamers beyond the Cheech Leech and El Sculpito lately, but decided to work on something anyway. Oddly enough, the name of this fly has been something I had tucked away ever since I heard Randall narrate one of the more awesome Youtube videos of all time a couple of years back. ;) Combine that with the antics of Tyrann Mathieu and it was a slam dunk.

I figured the fly had to be a streamer. And because I'm a big fan of two-tone flies in general, the Honey Badger seemed to fit.

The body is a mixture of stiffer body shape-holding material in the craft fur and some softer movement friendly Finn Raccoon filled in with Senyo Laser Yarn (of course). Throw in some claws in the shape of rubber legs and it's a decent little fly that really don't give a s**t. Oh, also, it's articulated, has a cone head and likes to eat venomous cobra snakes and Rainbow Trout.

Rainbow Trout being attacked by Honey Badger

NOTE: Before anyone accuses me of ripping off a fly pattern name, I did just discover that there is another pattern out there called the Honey Badger from the guys at CrossCurrentTV. But because Honey Badgers don't really care, I'm pretty sure it's ok for them to have the same name. We'll just call it a Fly Meme.