Fall Sculpins

A mover and a shaker

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning off my never-clean tying workbench and came across a few left-over mini Fish-Skull sculpin helmets from a previous tying session. I was headed up to do some streamer fishing in the next few days so I figured I needed to put it to use.

I snagged some Spirit River Dos Jailed Rabbit in the sculpin color (it was waiting for this pattern anyway), some Rainy's craft fur, some senyo laser yarn and some Wapsi Palmer chenille for a good underbody.

Adding another sculpin pattern to the arsenal isn't a bad thing and to keep this in the family, I'm naming it "El Sculpón" a bit gaudier than its brother "El Sculpito"

One of the key features on this guy is the flared craft fur "fins" that I tie in facing forward and then force backwards as I apply the helmet to the fly. It's a fun one to tie and it ended up having incredible darting and bobbing action in the water, while riding hook-point up and relatively snag-free. Fish liked it too...


Hook: Do-It Molds 785 60 degree jig hook #2
Thread: Tan GSP
Tail: Spirit River Dos Jailed Rabbit - Sculpin
Body: Wapsi Palmer Chenille, Black craft fur, black Senyo laser yarn
Fins: Tan Craft Fur
Head: Fish-Skull Mini Sculpin helmet

Maybe a tutorial on this one would be warranted....stay tuned....