How to Make Shrimp or Crab mono eyes

Easy and awesome

how to make shrimp crab monofilament eyes
I'm sure most anyone has seen or has created their own monofilament eyes. It's not rocket science, but there are still a few things I've found that make it easier yet keep a bit of realism in the mix.

So for this method, you'll need:

  • 30 to 50 lb monofilament. The brand or type doesn't matter. Use whatever you have and whatever color you might want.
  • Clear Cure Goo. I use Hydro, but you can use whatever style you'd like. Because of the "sculp-a-bility" of Hydro, it's very difficult to get this shape and effect with anything else.
  • Lighter
  • Sharpie. You can color up the eye in any color or combination you might need. Crab eyes come in a wide variety of colors and sizes (another reason the Hydro and Sharpies come in handy here)

As shown in the video below, you simply melt the mono with a lighter (starting with the flame above the mono held vertically), allowing the glowing ball of liquid nylon to melt back on itself thus forming an eye shape. Once I extinguish the flame, I immediately flip the eye upside-down so that the still-malleable eye can pull back to form a nice tear-drop shape (shown here).

how to make shrimp crab monofilament eyes
Mono eye painted up and coated with CCG
You can then apply a bit of color with a sharpie before you coat and sculpt the shape a bit more (if needed) with the Clear Cure Goo. Pretty easy, but here's a video to show you how...