REVIEW: Fish Skull Fish-Mask

The best disguise for your flies...

Ok, so not really a disguise, but the words rhyme, it's almost Halloween and it's a mask to boot. Anyway, I got a package in the mail a few weeks back and tore open the container of Fish Skull Fish-Masks (in a variety of sizes) to get a good look and feel. 

First off, I was impressed by the wide variety of sizes. Pretty much anything from a smallish nymph or leech all the way up to some big salt-water baitfish patterns would be covered.

The mask has an inset eye "socket" so you can very easily place some realistic style eyes in there nice and snug. A dab of super glue held like a champ. 

The mask also provides just a small amount of weight but without being too heavy and bulky to cast.

So with that said, I whipped up a double Trokar blood-drawing articulated baitfish pattern. Due to a funny incident with auto-correct on Cheech's text message, this fly was dubbed the "Double Wife". Also we live in Utah. ;)

The fly consists of Cascade Crest Tools Body fur (great stuff, BTW), some Arizona Diamond dubbing and some Cascade Crest Tools Krinkle Flash fibers with Senyo laser yarn mixed in there. I also ended up shooting the inside of the mask with Clear Cure Goo thick so that the mask would maintain a better grip on things. I suppose if you crammed it on there and then tied in front, pushing it back with thread, you'd be fine, but the CCG was quick, easy and painless.