Low Fat Minnow - Perch Version 2

Not so Low Fat anymore

By now you are probably pretty familiar with the Low Fat Minnow and the many shapes and forms it can take.  Also, you have probably seen our Bruiser Blend dubbing that we have been selling on the site for several months now.  Well, I developed Bruiser Blend dubbing specifically so I could get more length on the Low Fat Minnow.  I like the way this minnow swims so much that I'm blending a new length of bruiser blend to take the place of the Lazer Dub on the smaller version of the fly too.  This new version of the minnow has been a great addition to our arsenal, and we constantly get pictures sent to us showing off what the original Low Fat Minnow has caught, so give some of these bad boys a spin and let us know how they do for you. 

This new color scheme is a KILLER for smallmouth in perch filled waters, and the top and bottom colors can be swapped out to make your perch as bright or as subtle as you want.

~ Cheech

Updated Recipe:

Hook: Daiichi 3111 - 1/0 (+)
Thread: Danville 70 - Fl. Fire Orange (+)
Tail/Body: Nature's Spirit Prime Long Marabou - Yellow (+)
Tail/Body: Nature's Spirit Prime Long Marabou - Olive (+)
Underbody: Palmer Chenille - Olive (+)
Head1: Bruiser Blend - Brown Olive (+)
Head2: Bruiser Blend - Canary (+)
Eyes: Fish Skull Living Eyes - Fire 6mm (+)

Resins Used:
Loon UV Clear Fly Finish - Flow (+) 
Loon UV Clear Fly Finish - Thick (+)