Recipe Updates... Arizona Prince and Belly Scratcher Minnow

Color combos for fish slayers

We posted a few simple (Cheech's hand) pics on social media last night and we have gotten quite a response asking for the new recipes for these color combos.  Ask and ye shall receive.  These have subtle changes in materials and hooks, but they are they exact same tying sequence.  

Arizona Prince:

Hook: Partridge Czech Nymph Hook #10 BUY HERE
Thread: MFC Premium Thread - Brown 6/0 BUY HERE
Bead: 3.8mm Tungsten - Gold BUY HERE
Biots: Stripped Goose Biots - Prince nymph brown BUY HERE
Dubbing: AZ Mega Synthetic - Yellow tan BUY HERE
Legs: Grizzly Micro Legs - Rootbeer BUY HERE

See the original post HERE

Belly Scratcher Minnow:

Hook: Gamakatsu B10S #4 BUY HERE
Beads: 3mm Tungsten - Gold (really doesn't matter) BUY HERE
Thread: MFC premium 6/0 - White BUY HERE
Tail: Micro Pulsator Rabbit Strip - Black barred chartreuse over white BUY HERE
Body: Cactus chenille - White BUY HERE
Head: Bruiser Blend Jr. - White (Top and bottom) BUY HERE
Eyes: Fish Skull Living Eyes - Ice (silver) 5mm BUY HERE
Wire: Articulation wire BUY HERE
Adhesive: Tear Mender BUY HERE

Colored with markers to make the top look like the rabbit strip.

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