Top 10 Summer Dry Fly Patterns

Feed them the floating protein...

'Tis the season to be throwing dry flies, and in many cases, BIG dry flies.  We have been having a blast throwing flies that consist mostly of foam and rubber legs, and it's a blast to see the wide variety of "eats" on these flies.  Some fish are so confident that they simply rise to a juicy hopper like it's a delicate mayfly, while others launch their whole body out of the water because they eat the fly so aggressively.  We though we would give you a rundown of what has frequented our boxes this summer.

Here is our top 10 in no particular order (Click the name for the story)

Blingnobyl Ant -
This fly is pretty unconventional in regards to colors, but many a summer fish has tried to eat it and digest it all in the same motion.

Grumpy Frumpy-
Still Cheech's favorite dry fly of all time.  It often gets tied on after other patterns get the nose from the trout.  They usually end up with a sore mouth/lip/tongue.  We fish the yellow/red version 90% of the time.

Purple Haze-
This is kind of the new-blood version of the Parachute Adams.  It's just different enough to make the fish think it's a brand new invention that they must eat.  We are good with that.

Moodah Poodah-
After a great day on the water and after bad service at a restaurant... Curtis came up with this fish getter.  It floats high and gets crushed.  Time to seek out another Golden Corral soon.

Project Hopper-
After two years of research and development procrastination (kind of), the project hopper is being fished hard.  The fish like it...  a LOT.

Developed during a late night session at Cheech's Mom's house.  This thing floated for over 2 weeks.  She wanted to name it the Unsinkable Molly Brown.  #nope.

Amphibious Damsel-
Designed as a dry fly, but fished either dry or wet.  This bug is a must have in the summer if you are going to fish lakes or slow moving rivers.

One of the most realistic Cicada patterns that has come off our vises.  Curtis put his time in on this one and it scores well with the East German judges and the trout as well.  Plop it down and hold on.

Callibaetis Comparadun-
Another pattern that is a must for fishing lakes or slow moving waters.  The two stage wing on this bug makes it very realistic.

The Butt Head-
A Stimulator variation with a CDC underwing.  We use this one a lot when we fish with people new to fishing because it's very visible, and it gets eaten.