Midnight Fire Balanced Leech

Killer Color Combo

Midnight Fire Balanced Damsel
Leeches come in all sorts of colors and variations within colors, so it's never a bad thing to cover a lot of color bases when you're tying leeches. The Midnight Fire color scheme is one of my favorites that covers a good range of leech colors and the fish seem to really love.

Originally shown to me as a chenille color by my late friend Dennis Brakke, I tend to have more midnight fire style leeches and buggers in my boxes than a lot of other mixes. And thanks to our buddy John Rohmer, the dubbing jam master himself, we've got a few dubbing mixes now that feature this color combo.

So, as similar to one of my other favorite Midnight Fire patterns we did here, this one is tied balanced style but has a dual color tail with a collar from a recent squirrel mix we did. It's a fun tie, so give it a try.

Note that while I use the awesome squirrel dub mix from a previous video, you can also use straight diamond dub in Blood Leech if you prefer. I still like the color, flash and texture variation of squirrel but you'll be ok with diamond dub if you need to.

Material List
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Hook: Hanak H 400 BL Jig Hook - 10
Thread: UTC Ultrathread 140 Denier - Black
Bead: Firehole Stones Matte Tungsten Beads - Fl. Screaming Red - 3.5mm (9/64")
Tail Accent: Holographic Flashabou - Cranberry - 6942
Tail: Fish Hunter Premium Strung Marabou - Burgundy
Tail 2: Fish Hunter Premium Strung Marabou - Black (UV)
Body: Arizona Diamond Dub - Midnight Fire
Collar 1: Whole Pine Squirrel Skins - Leech Red
Collar 2: Ice Dub - Claret
Collar 3: Ice Dub - UV Pearl
Collar 4: Ice Dub - Red
Collar Option: Arizona Diamond Dub - Blood Leech
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Other tools from the tutorial:
Loon Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner
Stonfo Comb/Brush Tool