Mini Perdigon

Same Story, Smaller Size

This is just a perdigon...  boooooooring right?  Actually this little bug gets down really quick in the water column and is very simple to tie.  Sometimes it's hard to find jig hooks that are truly as small as their size says they are, so we tie small heavy nymphs on straight shank hooks lots of times.  The Dohiku 302 is an interesting hook because technically has a small bend near the eye, but it really ties almost like a straight shank hook. Mix up sizes and colors and catch fish!!

Material List
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Hook: Dohiku Hooks HDN 302 - 20
Thread: UTC Ultrathread 70 Denier - Black
Bead: Hanak Round+ Slotted Tungsten Beads - Silver - 2.5mm
Tail: Whiting Coq De Leon Tailing Packs - Dark Pardo
Rib: Perdigones Pearl Body 30 - Black
Resin: Solarez UV Cure Resin - Bone Dry .5 Oz
Alternate Hook: Dohiku Hooks HDN 302 - 18
Alternate Hook: Fulling Mill 35105 Competition Heavyweight Hook Barbless - 16