Fly Tying 101 Classes

Step-by-step fly tying guide

Part of the challenge getting into tying is learning the basics. And while a flyshop or other avenue can offer you a hands-on class (best choice), this will hopefully give you another less-expensive (read: free) and more flexible option -- one you can stop, rewind and rewatch as needed. Please let us know what other techniques and methods you'd like to see. This is a work in progress...

First off, if you're still wondering about a vise, look here. If you're still trying to decide whether to buy a kit, you should read this quick guide here, to help you through the process. If you want to know more about tools and what they're used for etc, this is a great overview of the tools you'll need. Those tools are also included in our curated tying kits, FYI.

And finally, to answer one of the more common questions we get, here is a good starter list of flies and materials we suggest to begin your journey. We still recommend going through the techniques here, but once you've got that down pat, you can move on to the flies themselves. We carry all the tools, vises and materials you'll need in our online store.

So to review the steps:

  1. Decide on a kit or what materials & tools to buy.
  2. Decide on a vise
  3. Take classes listed in order below.
  4. Start tying flies as listed in our "Top 7" beginners list of flies and materials.

Tying Class # 1: 

The first class is what you need to know once you've got your vise, some tools and at least some thread. If you don't have these things, maybe borrow some from a friend or hit your local shop to see if they'll let you try out some stuff.

In this video, we cover: How to mount a hook in the vise, how to attach and control thread and how to whip finish your fly. The video will show you how (and if you want to see it full screen, etc, click the "Youtube" button on the video clip below and it will open the full video on the Youtube site)...

Tying Class #2: 

Now that you've got some thread on the hook, one of the next things you'll need to tackle is tying stuff onto the hook with the thread. There are several things to know related to both the thread and the material you're trying to attach to the fly/hook. This video will review a few of the more common methods and considerations to get you started.

Tying Class #3:

In this session, we'll discuss how to work with building bodies on the hook as well as ways and methods to rib those bodies. The concepts in this class can be used in a variety of situations and with a lot of different materials, so pay attention (or not, just enjoy either way)...