Detroit Mop City

Detroit Mop City


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"Here is a mop pattern with some personality!

There is a lot happening here with a tapered and curved tail, a breathing thorax, and feathers and dubbing for the collar and wing; and they all seal the deal here.

I had a request for a mop fly, and although there are several offerings in the mop fly department, I felt there was space for something else. I wasn’t approaching this as anything other than a big, plump, irresistible aquatic grub/crane fly larva.

This comes in small and medium lead eyes allowing some versatility from still water to the river. Although the small lead eyes may seem a little heavy for some still water applications, don’t be fooled.

A gentle pendulum cast with a drag and drop finish will yield results!

Another quick river tip is to use the DMC as your point fly, and a fly of your choice as your dropper, and tight line the run. I will nymph deep runs with this rig when fish are holding deep and visibility is poor, referring back to euro-nymphing techniques."

- Signature Tyer Daryl Eakins


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