Renzetti R-Evolution Hair Stacker - Std
Renzetti R-Evolution Hair Stacker - Std

Renzetti R-Evolution Hair Stacker - Std


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There is something magical about spun deer hairflies and some tyers have elevated it an art form. The R-Evolution Hair Stackers are designed to make bundling hair bunches an easy and efficient task. The wide flared mouth makes for easier loading of the hair and the square shape base prevents from rolling off the tying bench. Made out of Aluminum.

The stacker comes in two styles: The R Evolution Large Hair Stacker with a 1.75" long tube and just over 5/8" OD and the R Evolution Xtra Large Hair Stacker that comes with a 2.25" long tube and 3/4" OD.

Pat Ehlers from The Fly Fishers Shop in Wisconsin was instrumental in the testing of the Hair Stacker as well as the Hair Packers. Renzetti product line is manufactured in the USA.

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